Our Barbecue

At the Gambling Stick, we pride ourselves on using all local, seasonal, ingredients, including pasture-raised meat from Porter Road Butcher to make our Appalachian heritage inspired BBQ. Our meats are dry-rubbed and smoked until tender and juicy. No dry meat here. All sides are handmade in small batches using locally grown produce. 

In addition to ethical sourcing, we do everything we can to reduce waste and minimize out impact on the environment. It might mean more work for us, but being a positive part of our community means taking pride in more than just our great barbecue. 

Our Story

What is The Gambling Stick? Will it inevitably lose you your spouse, partner, sanity and/or respectability? The short answer is no… unless you have addictive tendencies and a proclivity towards pork like the rest of us. The gambling stick is a old Appalachian name for a stick used to hang a pig from the limb of a tree or staked down sapling. The stick is threaded through the heels of the pig and supports its weight while being harvested. The gamble is whether or not the stick can support the weight of the pig, if not the whole thing could come crashing down on the butchers head. The Gambling Stick, unlike its namesake, won't have any risk involved. It is a tip of the hat to the men and women of Appalachia who made their living in the mountains and foothills of Tennessee. Like those before us, we want to utilize Tennessee's abundance and natural diversity to source and create food that is unique to Appalachia.

Behind The Gambling Stick is Matt Russo. Matt is a Louisville boy and heavy hitter in the kitchen. A CIA trained chef with years of experience operating and directing fine dining kitchens.

Currently, The Gambling Stick takes form at Porter Road Butcher in East Nashville, Tuesday through Saturday from 11 until 8pm.